Our services

Goudhurst Veterinary Surgery and Equine Clinic is a first opinion practice that provides a wide range of services to cater for you and your pets veterinary needs. We aim to offer gold standard care and will work within your budget to do the very best for your pet.

We offer 15-minute consultations by appointment only.

Consulting times:

Monday-Friday: 8.30am – 11am / 2pm – 3pm / 4.30pm – 6pm

In-house laboratory

This allows us to carry out comprehensive blood screening, urinalysis and cytology on any animal very quickly, this facility is available 24-hours a day. This is used to monitor health (eg in a routine vaccination clinic or before an anaesthetic), to diagnose disease, and monitor response to treatments.


This can be used in a non-invasive manner to investigate problems such as cardiac disease, abdominal disease and problems with pregnancy. Scanning is not painful and very rarely is any sedation required.


This is used to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of many problems such as muscoluskeletal concerns, dental disease, cardiorespiratory disease, abdominal disease.

In addition we have monitoring equipment such as pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring and ECG which allow careful monitoring of anaesthetised patients, and assists in the management and control of cardiorespiratory problems.

Surgical facilities

We have a specifically designated operating theatre; during procedures all staff are suitably clothed in surgical gowns, gloves, face masks as required. All anaesthetised patients are monitored constantly by trained veterinary nurses.

Inpatient care

We have spacious and comfortable kennel rooms. Cats and dogs have separate rooms to reduce stress. Pets are monitored closely by dedicated nursing staff and nursing assistance. Records are maintained for all inpatients and clients are invited to visit their pets at mutually convenient times.

We make every effort to ensure pets feel as comfortable as possible during their stay – the kennels are kept scrupulously clean, room temperature is carefully monitored, soft bedding is provided, appropriate pheromone diffusers are used, and clients are encouraged to provide bedding/clothing that smells of home and favourite toys etc.