Hospital facilities

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  • Brand new digital X-ray machine, this allows us to take radiographs more quickly and efficiently so a diagnosis can be made. The X-ray equipment can be brought to a yard if a horse is unable to move and electricity is available.
  • Small animal house calls if necessary.
  • Full operating and day hospitalisation facilities for small animals with a dedicated out of hours emergency service based at Tunbridge Wells.
  • Modern dental equipment for small animals.
  • Horse visits.
  • Facilities to bring horses to the surgery.
  • Equine hospitalisation facilities.
  • The equine unit provides a large barn and yard in which equine work can be performed, including lameness work-ups, X-rays, scanning, endoscopy and ECGs. We are also experienced in stud work, including artificial insemination.
  • Ultrasound scanning of small animals and horses. This includes scanning of the abdomen, chest, tendons and for pregnancy diagnosis.
  • Endoscopy for small animals and horses. This is used for respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems and has the ability to procure samples.
  • Biochemistry and haematology machines. We can process your pets blood tests on site with results and interpretation within an hour.
  • Blood pressure monitoring. This is recommended for all cats over seven, as high blood pressure in cats can cause sudden blindness with no warning signs.
  • ECGs for heart problems.