Pet Advice

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We’ve brought together some of the most frequently asked medical questions that our clinics receive, as well as some common questions about the service Vets Now provides.

The following signs may indicate that your pet has a serious health problem and may require veterinary care. If you notice any of these signs, please call your veterinary surgeon immediately.

  • Cuts or other skin injuries.
  • Sudden onset of limping or lameness.
  • Swollen stomach.
  • Persistent gagging or vomiting.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Persistent or severe diarrhoea.
  • Weakness or collapse.
  • Seizure (epileptic fit).
  • Burns or scalding.
  • Ingestion of medication intended for people.
  • Dirty or bloody vaginal discharge.
  • Straining to pass urine.

If my animal gets bitten by another animal, should I see the vet immediately or can it wait until the next day?

Infection is the main problem with animal bites therefore it is always best to see a vet straight away so that antibiotic therapy can be started immediately

What should I do if I’ve accidentally administered my own human drugs instead of the pet’s drugs?

As our body weight varies significantly from that of our pets the dosage can be very high. Contact your vet or Vets Now clinic immediately and we can contact the poisons bureau on your behalf for advice on the best treatment for which ever drug has been given. We can then recommend the best form of treatment and advise whether your pet needs to see a vet immediately.

If eaten, how much chocolate will cause problems to my dog and what type of chocolate is particular problem?

Dogs can tolerate ingesting chocolate but the amount depends upon their size. Dark chocolate and rich Belgian chocolate along with cocoa powders are the most toxic to dogs. It is the theobromine content that is important as that is the ingredient that is toxic. Cocoa shells have also been recently retailed to use as garden mulch and this is also toxic to dogs.

Can I give calpol / paracetamol to my cat?

No. Paracetamol is very poisonous to cats.

Can I give ibuprofen (nurofen) to my dog?

It is not advisable to give ibuprofen to dogs as it is much more potent in dogs than in humans and can potentially cause severe gut ulceration/kidney damage even at low doses.

Can I use a low dose of my dogs flea product on my cat if it has fleas?

No, canine products are potentially extremely poisonous to cats.

How can I make my dog sick if it eats something toxic?

Firstly contact your vet to ascertain whether vomiting is required/safe. We stock potent medications which will induce vomiting, then can be reversed, so will arrange for you to come to the surgery if necessary. Once your dog has been sick please ensure he or she has direct access to plenty of fresh water.

How long should I leave my whelping bitch straining before calling the vet?

If your bitch has been actively straining for an hour and is showing no signs of progress you should phone your vet for advice. If she begins to pass dark blackish green material it may indicate that the placenta is beginning to separate so you should phone as soon as possible.

For further advice on emergencies visit Vets Now website.